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We proudly carry only exclusive top professional beauty lines

Our emphasis on luxury and ethical beauty means we’re serious about what product lines we use. We partner with Arrojo Hair Care, Dermalogica Skin Care, and Aveda, carrying both their hair and skin care lines. We use Aveda’s Permanent and Demi-Permanent color lines. You can also find Aveda and Dermalogica skin care products used in our facials.

All the products that are used during our services are available for retail purchase.

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We carry only the finest products in the industry; including products for hair care, skin care, nails, cosmetics, bath and body. We also offer great home and gift ideas.

Here are some of the extraordinary products you will find at Divine Salon Langdon……..

By offering only the best and safest products in the industry, Divine Salon Langdon products are guaranteed to maintain and enhance the integrity of you hair and color. Through an in-depth understanding of the technology behind every line we carry at the salon, we can help tailor the right product regimen for every individual…….